Child Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy


Speech and Language Therapy

Your child might benefit from speech and language therapy if they show any of the following:

  • difficulty pronouncing specific sounds (like S or R)

  • low intelligibility (people have difficulty understanding what your child says)

  • fluency issues (stuttering, stammering)

  • difficulty expressing what s/he wants to say

  • difficulty following directions

  • difficulty understanding what's going on in the classroom

  • saying the words in the wrong order in a sentence, or mixing up several words

Take a look at our speech-language development page to see what your child should typically be capable of at their age. 


Schools are increasingly including reading in every part of the curriculum. Reading and writing difficulties can impact your child's success in every school subject, including science, social studies and math.

We help children to strengthen important literacy skills such as:

  • decoding

  • phonological awareness

  • reading comprehension

  • narrative writing

  • math language


Autism Spectrum Disorders

At any point on the spectrum, we help children with ASD develop the speech, language, feeding, and social skills that they need to reach their full potential.

When appropriate, we also collaborate with colleagues in childhood psychology to diagnose ASD and make educational recommendations, as well as with the child’s teachers and school therapists for the best carryover of skills learned in therapy.

Feeding Therapy

Our swallowing experts address many of the most common feeding/swallowing issues in children, including:

  • food aversions, fear of certain foods

  • picky eating, limited types of accepted food

  • gagging, spitting out foods

  • trouble drinking from a cup or straw past 12 months of age

  • coughing/choking on certain foods or liquids